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We help you decide where you need to go, and then help you get there

At Embrace, we are a little unusual in that unlike many other digital agencies, we don’t offer a myriad of service options that often leave clients confused. Instead, by utilizing our experience and expert capabilities, we offer a single, strategy-based solution, focused on helping brands make smarter decisions that help them to grow their business online, delivering customers and a positive return-on-investment.

Digital Strategy

What is it, and why is it important?

Today, in order to successfully reach & influence a customer purchase decision and do business online, brands are required to adopt a more sophisticated, strategic approach to online marketing. Keeping in mind that a purchase decision more than likely occurs over multiple devices, digital platforms and numerous brand experiences, these strategies require cohesion and consistent messaging, and must be reflective of the intricate nature of the behaviors of your target audience. Add stiff competition, infinite options and an ever-changing digital landscape into the mix, and the need for this approach is essential.


With consumer path to purchase, and purchase decision making becoming increasingly complex, brands must adopt strategies and provide experiences that match.

Our Capabilities



Website Data Analysis

Mobile App Data Analysis

Market/Competitor Analysis

Opportunity Analysis

Mobile Analysis

Social Media Analysis

SEO Analysis

Paid Search Analysis

Content Analysis

Brand Experience Analysis

User Experience Analysis

Strategy Developement

Overall Digital Strategy

Mobile Strategy

Search Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Outreach Strategy

Brand Experience Strategy


Integrated Campaign Management

Paid Search (AdWords)

Paid Search (Non-AdWords)

Social Media Platform Management

Social Media Advertising

Content Creation

Brand Reputation Management


Project Approach


Successful digital marketing is largely down to fully understanding the clients business, their market, and what it is they are looking to accomplish. In fact, it’s almost impossible to achieve success without this. There is no guesswork in marketing, and at Embrace, we start off every project, and every client relationship with learning as much as possible.


Being on exactly the same page as a client is a crucial part of achieving success, and something that we insist upon. Providing research findings, and agreeing on specific, achievable goals, strategy and success metrics promotes transparency and simplifies communication.


Once strategy has been agreed and signed-off, we then work closely with the client to make sure that all components are implemented in a timely, cost-effective way, and that relevant tracking is in place.


A never being satisfied attitude, and the deep desire to always improve performance are parts of our DNA, and something that our clients can expect. Using real-time analytics, and other cutting-edge tracking and analysis technology, we’re able to ensure that results have the best chance of continual improvement.

More About Us

Your Partner in Performance

In our experience, there is a very close correlation between performance and the strength of relationship between our clients and ourselves. In other words, with great communication, a trust in our approach, and an openness to educate us, we stand a better chance of achieving great results. On one hand, we need to know as much as possible about your business, your products, your customers and your market. On the other, we offer complete transparency, and regular, ongoing effective communication.

A Commitment to Excellence

We love what we do. We truly do, and take a great deal of pride in going above and beyond to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible outcome, and receive the highest quality of service available. At the end of the day, this is a results game, and although we can never guarantee success (nobody can!), we can promise that we will treat your business, and your projects with the respect that they deserve. We also believe that the more that we put in, the more that our clients, and by-proxy, ourselves get out of it.