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Search engines are the biggest single source of visitors for almost every website. Getting to the top of Google can make the difference between business success or failure. In short, ranking well for keywords that describe your business can be extremely rewarding. Ranking well for those keywords, however, is also extremely complicated.

Search engines are important, but SEO is complicated. There, we said it. It’s a complex solution that requires a expert partner.

SEO is not a choice

SEO Fact 1When you’re running an online business, website visitors translates to more customers. As a consequence, many in the business world have realised the need for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to drive more traffic to their website.

FACT: Over 90% of Internet users find websites for the first time through search engines.
FACT: SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.
FACT: 18% of organic clicks go to the #1 position, 10% of organic clicks go to the #2 position, and 7% of organic clicks go to the #3 position.

But finding the right SEO company isn’t easy.

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation

As the competition hots up and more websites invest in SEO, you need more than just the basics to rank highly in the Search Engine Results Pages. In SEO more than in any other marketing channel, every detail counts – and our SEO Experts value every part of the SEO process. From keyword research to website analysis, from code recommendations to link building, we leave no stone unturned. Our Search Engine Team uses cutting edge technology and expertise to optimize how search engines index your site.

Ethical and Transparent

Our 100% ethical and transparent approach assures you that your website is well optimized. Great care great is taken to make sure your website conforms to the Search Engines guidelines.

The measure of Success

At the end of the day, applying SEO best practice is all very well, but ultimately it comes down to two basic questions.

1. Am I getting more visitors?
2. Am I making more sales?

We help you measure our work, so you can track the successful results of our Search Engine Optimisation.


SEO is an important process driven website optimization technique intended to give maximum visibility in major search engines through high ranking keywords. It enables you to receive more traffic and finally more conversions, thus fulfilling your business objective. Effective SEO implementations require careful and continuous planning and detail up-to-date understanding of the search engine algorithm, including the rules and regulations specific to each search engine.

A typical SEO process consists of the following important on- page and off- page optimization steps:

  • Website Analysis: Website analysis is the first step to any strategic SEO approach. This step involves end to end analysis of client’s website performance (past and present, the contents and navigation structure, current keyword rankings if any, and all the factors that directly or indirectly affect the search engines guidelines for SEO friendly websites.
  • Keyword Assessment: Keywords form the core part of any SEO plan. The entire SEO process revolves around the targeted keywords. So it is top concern for the SEO team to analyze, and identify the right keywords to ensure successful SEO campaign.
  • Copy Writing: Unless the content you are providing is search engine friendly and consist the targeted keywords your SEO goal remains incomplete. While writing contents for SEO one should be very careful in maintaining a clean keyword reach and meaningful copy. The copy should reflect the interest of both the search engine and readers. Search engines should able to index it cleanly, while readers should find the contents interesting and worth reading.
  • Meta Tag Writing: Meta Tags help search engine to better understand the intent of the projected page. While creating Meta tags one should be very careful in selecting the right contents and keywords. Also one should strictly adhere to the specifications laid out for Meta Tags by each search engines. Though some search engines stop supporting Meta tags now a days, but Meta tags namely the description tag, keywords tag, robots tag etc still find an important place n major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • HTML code refining: Search engines give more importance to pages with clean HTML codes that comply with the standards set by W3 consortium. While creating the HTML codes one should be very careful about the syntax used, versions, DTD (Document Type Declaration), broken links etc.
  • Directory Submission: Submitting your website to relevant, SEO friendly directories is a vital SEO step in enhancing the visibility. A good ethical way to do it is to follow ethical, manual submission process.
  • Link Building: Link building is one of the most important, continuous off-page optimization steps. There are various ways to approach a successful link building campaign like one-way linking, two-way linking, and three-way linking.
  • Tracking and Maintenance: Tracking SEO performance and improving the same periodically is very important to meet the strategic SEO goals. Comparing performance reports through Google Analytics and other advanced tracking tools will help identify necessary changes and modification for improved performance level.


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