About Us

a forward-thinking agency passionate about solving complex digital business problems

Who We Are

We believe that successful online marketing is about delivering brand experiences that customers will fall in love with.

Created in 2012 in New York City, Embrace Interactive is a forward-thinking, full-service, strategy focused digital agency that helps brands and organizations unearth transformative digital business insights, and navigate the increasingly complex, ever evolving digital landscape, and works closely with them to create, implement and manage experiences and initiatives that their customers find desirable.

How We Started

Frustrated with a lack of strategic, multi-dimensional thinking, and a seemingly sole-emphasis on basic traffic generation, which was failing so many businesses, we wanted to create an agency that considered the real elements required to grow a brand, and increase business online, such as brand perception, authority and how the combination of multiple digital platforms and marketing methodologies could be used to create a brand experience that resonates with a target audience, and taps into their human behavior and psychology.

Our Mission

We think that all businesses should have access to valuable advice and professional services that will allow them to create real growth, and achieve amazing things. That’s our mission.


Our Beliefs

1. Things can always be better. In other words, there is no such thing as a finish line in marketing, and however well a brand is doing, results can always be improved.

2. Traffic is great, but it’s no good if it doesn’t convert. Brand exposure measures, such as website traffic generation is relatively easy to accomplish, and very easy to communicate to clients, or internally, but that isn’t necessarily a reflection of success. As we often tell our clients, “traffic that doesn’t convert, costs money. Traffic that does convert, makes money”.

3. Perception is everything. The success of a brand is completely determined by how it is perceived by its customers. Through obtaining a deep understanding of our clients businesses, and performing thorough analysis of audience behavior, what they value, their expectations and decision making process, we are able to make sure that our recommendations are effective.

4. In marketing, we’re dealing with humans. Marketers are all too often guilty of getting caught up in metrics, buzzwords, and sometimes forget that marketing and advertising involves real human beings, making real decisions. When working with our clients, we NEVER forget this.

5. No two solutions can ever be the same. Although consumers share certain behavioral commonalities, audience groups can be fundamentally different from any other, as is the individual attributes that go into creating a unique brand. Because of this, a campaign idea that works for one brand, almost certainly will not work for another.

6. Rome wasn’t built in a day, a week, or even a year. The success of a marketing campaign cannot be measured based on one click, or a single brand exposure. A consumer decision making process can sometimes take a long time, and it’s the job of the brand, through its communication efforts to nurture a relationship with its audience that inspires confidence, and a sense of belonging.

7. Brand marketing should make the web better. We believe that any marketing activity that makes the public web should make it a better place for consumers. That means, annoying ads, high-frequency ads, or sponsored messaging that prevents people from viewing or finding what they want should not be allowed, and we will never recommend it.

Where We Are

Where We Are

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Our Founder

Our Founder

Digital marketing and advertising veteran, with over 15 years industry experience, Darren Hughes, boasts the likes of Google and AltaVista on his resume, and has worked with countless global brands. Originally from London, England, now of Brooklyn in New York City.

How We Work

How We Work

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